Friday, April 10, 2009

Honesty and Support

Hey! Calling all moms out there!!
Did you watch Oprah last Monday? Don't we all need to be just a bit more honest about how crazy difficult it is to be a mother and less judgmental? Of COURSE we all love our children.

I say it this way - I realized after my son was born that I most certainly wanted a large family. After meeting my husband (yes I'm a non-traditional mom to start) we both agreed that 2-3 more children would be perfect. David and Kay Lee were so much fun, we got pregnant with Aly when Kay Lee was only 9 months old. Aly was 15 months when we decided one more would complete the clan and *poof* I got pregnant. It was once Jeffrey was here that I really thought "what in the world have I gotten myself into???"

You see, each of my kids is so special and unique. (I know - "duh!") I love spending time with them individually. It is when all 4 are in the same room, fighting over the television, fighting over toys - this is when I am totally and completely overwhelmed!! Jeffrey is teething and wants held. Aly needs help in the bathroom. Kay Lee is bugging me for the 600th time when we are going to do the next project. David wants to know if he can play the Wii. Yes - all at the same time! Oh and the phone is ringing, Frank (dog #1) is scratching to come in from outside, and Bella (dog #2) is chewing on a shoe.

Have you seen "Marley & Me"? My husband, Chad, and I totally believe we should be receiving royalties off that movie. There is one scene where he says to Jen, "No more kids for a while?" She is frazzled and absolutely agrees. The very next scene is her coming home from the hospital with #3. Then comes the "stay-at-home-mom" conversation where she needs a break and he just does not seem to get it. Yep... could have been filmed right here in our household!!

The point is, Moms -you are not alone. It okay not to be head over heels in love with our kids every second of every day. We're human. We do need a break. We need to reinvent ourselves as beautiful, wonderful women that deserve down time. Loving moms feel the need to be "ON" 24/7 and it is exhausting. Again - you are not alone.

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