Saturday, April 18, 2009

Delayed development

Well, our Parents as Teacher specialist visited on Thursday. Jeffrey did the Denver test for toddlers/preschoolers (sorry I'm definitely not an early childhood specialist, just mom :-) ) Even with the 5 week adjustment for his prematurity, he failed miserably on gross motor and speech and language. This is all fine, but of course I have my own opinion.

Jeffrey is my 4th child. He is a boy. He has 2 wonderful, loving sisters that adore him, and a mom and dad that are very attentive. While we all do Baby Signs with him and talk with him constantly, he is choosing to communicate in his own way and on his own timeline. The fact that he is communicating in the past month at all is a huge improvement!! I believe he spent so many months with fluid behind his ears, everything has always been visual for him. Granted, his communication is point and whine, or throw things when he's done or does not want it any more. So in short, delayed? Yeah. Going to be an issue? No.

As for walking... he runs with his little push toy. If he would slow down and stand still for 5 seconds, I believe he would gain the confidence to walk without the toy. Again, in his own time!

With all that said, Tiny K is coming out on Tuesday to evaluate and make sure there isn't some underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. It is free and cannot hurt mom or Jeffrey, so we are going with it!

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