Sunday, January 31, 2010

Find a penny pick it up...

Are you another mom that is trying to give your kids the best life possible, but don't have an unlimited budget (and also might want to teach your kids the value of hard work and its rewards)?  I'm guessing that is almost most of us.  Well, I have to admit - I am severely ADHD when it comes to so many aspects of my life.  One day I am really pumped about saving money, and the next day I want to spoil my kids like crazy and my budget goes out the window.  Yeah... yeah... I've learned my lesson over and over when I get home and they whine and fuss wanting more. 

SO... my goals for 2010 were to get my house as organized as possible, stick to a cleaning schedule, stick to a schedule with the kids (which I've pretty much always done), couponing better, start buying to stock pile and planning meals from what I have on hand, and finally sticking to a budget. What you will find here on this blog from now on will be my successes (and failures) in achieving these goals, highlights (and lowlights) of experiences of being a mother of four (yes 4) and thoughts from an educated, passionate woman that loves my husband, studying all aspects of communication and medicine, rescuing dogs and puppies, and raising honest, respectful, loving children.

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